AI Forex Trading - ChatGPT EA FREE Download

AI Forex Trading – ChatGPT EA FREE Download

AI ChatGPT EA is an AI Forex Trading EA that has 4 years of stay monitor report with a low drawdown. This EA claims to mix the rules of grid buying and selling with the excessive-tech capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning algorithms, and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). But is that this a groundbreaking revolution in buying and selling, or is it simply one other buzzword-crammed advertising gimmick?

What is ChatGPT EA?

ChatGPT EA touts itself as a state-of-the-artwork grid buying and selling system boasting an array of spectacular options:

  • Deep Learning Algorithms: Using Trend, Momentum, and Volatility filters primarily based on Deep Learning can probably present extra correct commerce predictions.
  • AI Forecasts: It claims to filter out low-potential trades utilizing AI predictions, providing merchants higher prospects.
  • News and Market Crash Filters: These superior filters might assist keep away from unstable market circumstances.
  • One Chart Setup: Simplifying the person interface it permits customers to commerce a number of symbols from a single chart.
  • Customization: A myriad of filter and possibility customizations offers merchants with flexibility.
  • GMT Adjustment: Automatic adjustment primarily based on world time zones.
  • Diagnostic System: An built-in statistic panel helps customers perceive the system’s efficiency and AI Forecast indications.

And lastly, the combination of ChatGPT and Bard for market forecasting is a noteworthy inclusion.

ChatGPT and Bard in Forex Trading

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a properly-identified AI mannequin with expansive capabilities. It has garnered consideration in a number of sectors for its conversational talents, data processing, and extra. Its integration into ChatGPT EA means that customers can get a forecast from the AI, probably giving merchants an edge in predicting market actions.

However, there’s a cautionary be aware to contemplate right here. While ChatGPT is extremely highly effective, its predominant power lies in understanding and producing human-like textual content. Using it for market prediction would require in depth and specialised coaching on monetary knowledge. Additionally, Bard, whereas being a acknowledged identify, would equally want specialised coaching for exact market forecasting.

Evaluating the AI Forex Trading Claims

Many merchandise within the buying and selling sector label themselves with “AI” for its attract, typically with out the backing of real AI know-how in AI Forex Trading. However, the incorporation of ChatGPT and Bard in Perceptrader AI does give it a semblance of credibility.

That stated, merchants ought to strategy with warning:

  1. Expertise Required: Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) demand substantial computational energy and experience in knowledge science.
  2. Market Volatility: No system, AI-powered or not, can assure safety in opposition to market unpredictability.
  3. Due Diligence: It’s all the time smart for merchants to do their analysis and perceive the underlying know-how earlier than totally trusting any system.

Please take a look at in a demo account first for a minimum of per week. Also, please Make your self acquainted and perceive how this AI Forex Trading Robot works, then solely use it in an actual account.

Recommendations for this ChatGPT EA

  • Minimum Account Balance of 1000$.
  • AUDCAD is beneficial, and If your dealer makes use of a suffix (e.g. AUDCAD.a), you need to replace names within the Symbol parameter.
  • This EA is one chart setup, so it’s solely wanted to connect on one pair. It will commerce on all pairs described on the enter parameter.
  • Work Only on M5.
  • MT4 can’t carry out multi-forex backtests, So if you backtest this EA, you solely get the results of the pair you examined.
  • This ChatGPT EA ought to work on VPS repeatedly to achieve secure outcomes. So we suggest operating this MT4 EA Download on a dependable VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • The EA is NOT delicate to unfold and slippage. But We advise utilizing a good ECN dealer (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)

No Minimum Deposit
ECN Acount
No Commission

Min Deposit of 20$
Allow USA Traders
Levergae as much as 1:500

Download a Collection of Indicators, Courses, and EA for FREE

Open Tools –> Options –> Expert Advisors. Check the choice “Allow WebRequests for listed URL” Add the next: “”, ““, “http://timesrv.on-line“, “” and press “OK.” The EA takes information from the desired web sites.

Input Parameters

MM and Risk settings

  • Check for Instances of the EA – checks that just one occasion of the ChatGPT EA is operating at a time. If EA detects different cases with the identical UID, buying and selling shall be disabled. 
  • Allow Opening a brand new Initial Trade? – on/off opening of latest grids. It doesn’t have an effect on the already open grids. 
  • Allow Manual Trading Buttons – allow/disable guide buying and selling buttons that assist you to open an preliminary commerce manually: the EA will choose up the manually opened commerce and handle it as normal. The buttons are affected by the next parameters: Symbols, Maximum Spread, and Maximum Symbols at a time. 
  • Lot-sizing Method – choose the lot sizing methodology in line with the chance you need to take: Fixed Lots will use fastened lot measurement from the “Fixed lot” parameter, Dynamic Lots will use ‘Dynamic Lot’ parameter, Deposit load will calculate tons primarily based on deposit load%, and 4 predefined presets will calculate danger mechanically for you. 
  • Fixed Lot – fastened buying and selling lot for the preliminary commerce. 
  • Dynamic Lot (Balance/Equity primarily based) – stability/fairness for use per 0.01 lot. 
  • Deposit Load % – % of the deposit that shall be used to open the preliminary commerce. 
  • Fixed Initial Deposit? (Tester solely) – lot measurement shall be calculated primarily based on the preliminary deposit; new income won’t be thought of. 
  • Rounding Method – lets you select the strategy of rounding fractional tons to calculate buying and selling lot sizes. 
  • Max Lot per Order – the utmost measurement of a single order. 
  • Auto Split? – possibility permitting the AI Forex Trading EA to commerce with any lot measurement/quantity with out limits. Most brokers have a restrict of 100 tons per order, so if the choice is enabled, the EA will mechanically cut up a big buying and selling quantity (e.g., 10000 tons) into a number of smaller orders (no more than 100 tons per little one order). It is meant for use by the tester to permit testing of the EA on all of the obtainable historical past. 
  • Maximum Spread, in pips – maximally allowed unfold. 
  • Maximum Slippage for a non-ECN acc, in pips – max allowed slippage for a non-ECN account. 
  • Maximum Symbols at a time – Maximum allowed variety of symbols that may be opened concurrently. 
  • Only One Symbol if Grid reaches this Level [0-disabled] – This possibility lets you briefly scale back the “Maximum Symbols at a Time” to at least one if an open grid reaches the desired stage. 
  • Disable Trades on the Same Side of a Currency – this feature disables the opening of latest preliminary trades on the identical aspect of a forex. For instance, it may possibly assist stop having two shorts for CAD concurrently to guard accounts from a robust pattern for the CAD forex. 
  • Allow Hedging? – permit opening multi-directional trades on the identical image. 
  • Allow Trading on Holidays? – on/off Christmas/New Year buying and selling filter. 
  • Allow to Buy/Sell – on/off Buy/Sell trades. 
  • Minimum Free Margin % [0-disabled] – if Free Margin% falls beneath the desired worth, the EA won’t place new pending orders or cancel already positioned ones. 
  • Max Open Lots (Filter) – the EA won’t ship new preliminary orders if the quantity of all positions opened by the EA exceeds the desired worth. 
  • Max Floating Drawdown % – if the present floating drawdown exceeds the desired %, the ChatGPT EA will shut open positions. 
  • Max Floating Drawdown in Money [0-disabled] – if the present floating drawdown exceeds the desired worth in cash, the EA will shut open positions. 
  • Max Daily Drawdown Limit % FTMO Rules – most each day drawdown restrict, calculated in line with the FTMO guidelines. Non-trading operations (like withdrawals) in the course of the day should not thought of. 
  • Max Daily Drawdown Limit in Money FTMO Rules [0-disabled] – most each day drawdown restrict in MONEY, calculated in line with the FTMO guidelines. Non-trading operations (like withdrawals) in the course of the day should not thought of. 
  • Max Daily Drawdown Reset Hour FTMO Rules (Broker time) – hour to reset the max. Drawdown with the prop agency. 
  • Max Drawdown Action – lets you specify actions to be taken after the max. Drawdown is reached (in cash or %):
    • ‘Close trades & stop trading for 24h’ – the EA will shut all open trades/grids and never open new ones for 24 hours. 
    • ‘Close trades & stop trading until the end of the day’ – the EA will shut all open trades/grids and won’t open new ones till the top of the day. 
    • ‘Close trades & stop trading until restart’ – the EA will shut all open trades/grids and never open new ones till the EA/MT restarts. 
    • ‘Close trades & resume trading as normal’ – the EA will shut all open trades/grids and resume buying and selling as regular. 
    • ‘Prohibit opening new trades’ – new grids shall be prohibited so long as the floating drawdown is above a specified worth; 
    • ‘Prohibit opening new trades until restart’ – new grids shall be prohibited till the EA/MT restarts. 
  • Max Drawdown Calculation – lets you specify how the utmost drawdown is calculated:
    • ‘The account’ – takes into consideration all positions opened on the account, together with trades opened manually or by different EAs; 
    • ‘This strategy’ – takes into consideration solely positions opened by this EA. 
  • Handle Max Drawdown Events on Every Tick – allow/disable drawdown occasion dealing with on each tick (as an alternative of as soon as a minute utilized by default, it might devour extra CPU sources). 
  • Check Margin for all Grid Levels – if true, the EA will examine if there may be sufficient free margin to open all grid ranges concurrently. If not sufficient, the preliminary lot measurement shall be decreased. 
  • Check Bars for Errors – if true, theAI Forex Trading Robot will examine the relevance of historic knowledge and bar opening time. Turn it off in case your dealer makes use of non-normal bar opening time (for instance, hh:02, hh:17, hh:32, hh:47). 
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Time settings 

  • Hour to Start Trading – hour to begin buying and selling (for preliminary orders solely). 
  • Minutes to Start Trading – minutes to begin buying and selling (for preliminary orders solely). 
  • Hour to Stop Trading – hour to cease buying and selling (for preliminary orders solely). 
  • Minutes to Stop Trading – minutes to cease buying and selling (for preliminary orders solely). 
  • Trade on Monday – allow/disable buying and selling on Monday. 
  • Trade on Tuesday – allow/disable buying and selling on Tuesday. 
  • Trade on Wednesday – allow/disable buying and selling on Wednesday. 
  • Trade on Thursday – allow/disable buying and selling on Thursday. 
  • Trade on Friday – allow/disable buying and selling on Friday. 
  • Rollover Start Hour – rollover begin hour. 
  • Rollover Start Minutes – rollover begin minutes. 
  • Rollover End Hour – rollover finish hour. 
  • Rollover End Minutes – rollover finish minutes. 
  • Send Orders During Rollover – allow/disable sending orders (together with grid trades) throughout rollover time. 
  • Remove TakeProfit During Rollover – removes TP for all orders on the specified rollover time. This possibility helps to keep away from closing trades through TP throughout dangerous buying and selling circumstances since slippage can flip a worthwhile commerce right into a dropping one. 

Strategy settings 

  • Symbols separated by comma (customized if empty) – buying and selling symbols separated by comma (customized if empty). 
  • Symbol Suffix – right here, you may specify an emblem suffix in case your dealer makes use of one. 
  • Custom Symbol Multipliers separated by comma (e.g., 0.9,1.2,1) – right here, you may set multipliers to calculate buying and selling tons for every pair, for instance, 1.0,0.7,0.9. This signifies that the primary pair (specified within the ‘Symbols separated by comma’ parameter) shall be open normally, however the second and third could have smaller tons, multipliers 0.7x and 0.9x. 
  • Percentage Pips Mode – allow/disable proportion pips mode. 1 proportion pip = 0.0001 * Current Price. 
  • Trading Setup – buying and selling mode:
    • ‘Standard trades’ – regular buying and selling primarily based on a properly-outlined algorithm.  
    • ‘Unique trades’ – buying and selling shall be distinctive for every ChatGPT EA occasion, together with the time and route. 
  • Trading Frequency [1..10max] (Unique trades solely) – frequency of trades within the ‘Unique trades’ mode. 
  • Daily ATR Period – interval of the each day ATR indicator for volatility calculation. 
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Forecasts settings (Live buying and selling solely) 

  • Use ChatGPT Forecast – allow/disable filtering of trades utilizing ChatGPT forecasts. 
  • Use Bard Forecast – allow/disable filtering of trades utilizing Google Bard. 

Machine Learning Setup

  • Enable Neural Network Filter – allow/disable filtering of trades utilizing machine studying know-how primarily based on Perceptron. 
  • Min Probability of Profit % – the minimal predicted likelihood {that a} commerce will lead to revenue. If Perceptron predicts a decrease worth, the buying and selling sign shall be ignored, and the INITIAL commerce shall be skipped. 

TakeProfit settings

  • TakeProfit for Initial Trade, in pips – take revenue for the preliminary commerce (if no grid trades opened). 
  • Weighted TakeProfit? – if true, Grid TP is weighted by quantity, so TP in pips decreases in proportion to the open quantity of the grid ranges. This permits holding the preliminary TP in cash unchanged after including new averaging trades.  
  • TakeProfit for Grid, pips (may also be 0/negat. for emergency) – take-revenue for the grid (if a minimum of one averaging commerce is open). It permits any worth, together with zero and adverse. 
  • Break Even (TP) after this Level [0-disabled] – break-even function after the desired Grid stage is reached. 
  • Hide TakeProfit? – on/off take-revenue hiding. 
  • Do not alter TP until new grid stage opened – if true, the EA will alter the TP of open positions solely when a brand new grid stage is opened. Users can manually set their very own TP, staying present till the ChatGPT EA opens a brand new grid stage. 

StopLoss settings

  • StopLoss for Grid, in pips (500pips if zero) – cease-loss for the preliminary/grid trades. 
  • Hide StopLoss? – on/off cease-loss hiding. 
  • Trailing SL Size, in pips [0-disabled] – trailing cease primarily based on the grid breakeven level (=weighted common entry value of all orders together with SWAPs and commissions). 
  • Trailing SL Start, in pips – variety of pips in revenue at which the trailing SL is activated. 
  • Randomize Order/TP Levels – if enabled, the AI Forex Trading ea will randomly barely change the TP/SL ranges. This possibility lets you have a novel TP/SL. 
  • Max Random Delay earlier than sending Orders, sec [0-disabled] – most random delay in seconds earlier than sending an order. Values over 15 seconds should not beneficial. 
  • Allow sending SL together with an order (for a non-ECN acc.) – if true, then the EA will ship SL together with orders. If false, SL shall be set after the order is distributed and executed. 
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Grid settings

  • Trade Distance – min. Step in pips between grid(averaging) trades. 
  • Pause Between Grid Trades, in min [0-disabled] – a minimal pause between grid trades in minutes. 
  • Smart Distance? – auto-adjusts the commerce distance relying on market volatility. 
  • Maximum Trades – max variety of grid(averaging) trades. 
  • Custom Multipliers sep. by comma (e.g., 1,2,4,8,14,24,41,69) – customized multipliers for every GRID step separated by a comma, for instance – 1,2,4,8,14,24,41,69.  
  • Grid Level to Start (1-preliminary commerce) – lets you skip a number of grid ranges. Trading will begin from the desired stage. To calculate entries appropriately, the EA opens “marker” orders at skipped ranges with a minimal lot measurement. 
  • Keep Original Profit Level & Lot Size – when skipping the grid stage, the ChatGPT EA will preserve the revenue goal and lot sizes from the unique technique. This will help increase efficiency. 

News Filter settings

  • News Filter Enabled – on/off News Filter. 
  • Disable Trading on Bank Holidays – allow/disable buying and selling on financial institution holidays in line with the true-time Economic Calendar. This filter is forex-particular. For instance, with it, AI Forex Trading EA gained’t take trades on USD pairs throughout financial institution holidays within the USA. It additionally works in Strategy Tester. 
  • Disable Built-in News Filter Settings – disables the constructed-in information filter settings, permitting you to effective-tune the information filter. 
  • Custom Events (separated by a comma, disabled if empty) – customized guidelines permitting you to effective-tune the information filter. 
  • Medium Impact News – allow/disable information occasions with medium affect (2-star information). 
  • Low Impact News – allow/disable information occasions with low affect (1 star information). 
  • Speaks – if false, the EA won’t take into account information occasions marked as Speeches/Speaks. 
  • Wait Minutes Before Event – droop buying and selling earlier than the information. 
  • Wait Minutes After Event – droop buying and selling after the information. 
  • Show News List – shows a listing of upcoming information occasions to the best of the data panel. 
  • News List Refresh Rate – information occasions record replace frequency (choice from the drop-down record). 

Stock Market Crash Filter settings

  • Stock Market Crash Filter Enabled – allow/disable the inventory market crash filter. 
  • Stock Market Symbol – image identify of the S&P500 inventory index of your dealer. It is normally known as one thing like US500 or SPX500 (press Ctrl+U to see all symbols). 
  • Filter Period – interval of the inventory market crash filter. 
  • Max Historical Volatility (HV), in % – max. annualized normal deviation of H1 returns (HV in %). 
  • Block Trading for the Entire Day – prohibits opening new trades all through the day if HV hits the desired stage simply as soon as at any second. 

Additional settings

  • Trade Comment – remark for orders. 
  • UID (0…9) – distinctive ChatGPT EA occasion quantity. Usually, no want to alter it. 
  • Show Panel – on/off Info panel. 
  • Show Stats – present a panel with statistics. 
  • Font Size (1…8) – scale back this worth for those who’re having hassle with the data panel. 

Backtest settings

  • Disable Automatic GMT Detection – set it to ‘true’ to disable automated GMT detection. You can use the GMT Test/Manual’ and ‘DST Test/Manual parameters to set the GMT manually offset in stay buying and selling. 
  • GMT Test/Manual – GMT offset in winter in Tester. 
  • DST Test/Manual – DST in Tester.


The ChatGPT EA, with its integration of ChatGPT and Bard, definitely piques the curiosity of the buying and selling neighborhood. While the options are spectacular on paper, customers must be prudent, understanding the capabilities and limitations of AI in buying and selling. After all, within the unstable world of buying and selling, it’s all the time higher to be secure than sorry.

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