Flags and Pennants Chart Pattern [Download Indicator]

Flags and pennants kind when value rallies, consolidates sideways or retraces barely, after which continues in its earlier path. This consolidation interval takes the form of a rectangle (flag) or a small triangle (pennant). When figuring out flags or pennants, merchants ought to draw trendlines alongside the highs and lows of the consolidation/retracing section.

The bull flag sample is a good sample so as to add to a foreign exchange dealer’s technical arsenal. Explosive strikes are sometimes related to the bull flag. This text will have a look at the doubtless increased chance of foreign currency trading alternatives of the bull flag sample.




Study to commerce the bull flag sample: Primary speaking factors

  • What’s a bull flag?
  • Easy methods to establish a bullish flag on foreign exchange charts
  • Bull flag buying and selling technique
  • How dependable is the bull flag?
  • Bull flag vs bear flag

Usually, this flag or pennant sample is adopted by one other steep rise in value. And that’s precisely the place the commerce alternative exists. As quickly as value breaks out above the flag/pennant higher trendline, it’s time to enter a protracted commerce. The alternative happens for bearish flags/pennants, the one distinction is that as an alternative of a pointy rise, previous value motion is a pointy fall.

When buying and selling flags & pennants, merchants can place their stops above/beneath the excessive/low of the pennant/flag, relying on whether or not it’s a bullish or bearish setup.


The next buying and selling instance exhibits the bull flag on a foreign exchange chart.

AUD/CAD bull flag sample

As proven by the bull flag chart sample above, merchants have been shopping for threat via commodities, the inventory market, and risk-based currencies. In consequence, the AUD carried out properly in opposition to most different currencies partly as a result of it provides a better price of return owing to its rate of interestThereforemerchants have a basic again drop to assist the technical image for added energy in AUD.

The AUD/CAD isn’t any stranger to the flag sample. The earlier uptrend (flag pole) is famous in black. Costs consolidated in a gently downward sloping channel (blue). To commerce the flag, merchants can time entry on the decrease finish of the worth channel or look ahead to a break above the higher channel (yellow). Merchants then look to take earnings by projecting the size of the flag pole previous the flag (black dotted line).


The reliability of the bull flag sample is dependent upon the success of the guidelines talked about above. When all elements of the bull flag are recognized and current throughout the chart, the bull flag sample is taken into account to be a formidable sample to commerce.

The desk under identifies the benefits and limitations of the bull flag sample:

Works in all monetary markets Could be complicated for novice merchants
Sample helps decide entry and restrict ranges
Good risk-reward ratio


It may be complicated figuring out a bull flag on a chart as a result of the sample entails a number of totally different elementsMerchants might want to accurately establish and perceive these elements to commerce this sample efficiently. Key issues to look out for when buying and selling the bull flag sample are:

  1. Previous uptrend (flag pole)
  2. Determine downward sloping consolidation (bull flag)
  3. If the retracement turns into deeper than 50%, it is probably not a flag sample. Ideally, the retracement ends at lower than 38% of the unique pattern
  4. Enter at backside of the flag or on the breakout above the excessive of the higher channel boundary
  5. Search for value to interrupt increased with a size probably equal to the dimensions of the flag pole.


A bull flag is a continuation sample that happens as a quick pause within the pattern following a powerful value transfer increased. The bull flag chart sample appears like a downward sloping channel/rectangle denoted by two parallel trendlines in opposition to the previous pattern.

Throughout this era of consolidation, quantity ought to dry up via its formation and resolve to push increased on the breakout. The precise value formation of the bull flag resembles that of a flag on a pole, therefore, its namesake.

Bull flag sample: bull flag pattern

When figuring out your goal space, we use the peak of the flag pole and add that to the breakout space to offer a possible goal. The thought with flag/pennant patterns within the Foreign exchange market is that there’s already important momentum proven within the earlier swing, so we are able to anticipate that momentum to proceed after a momentary consolidation.

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Flags and pennants chart patterns are primarily identified for signaling a continuation of the earlier development. The flag or pennant chart sample is fashioned proper after a bullish or bearish value motion adopted by a interval of consolidation. That is the place value tends to take a pause earlier than persevering with within the unique course of the development.

Flags and pennants chart patterns are straightforward to establish and may be discovered simply after an essential information launch such because the NFP/unemployment stories or different essential financial information launch.

flag pattern chart
flag pattern chart

The Flags and Pennants Chart Pattern is recognized by two essential parts

  • The flag submit, which is principally the robust value motion
  • The flag, which is a interval of consolidation

A bullish flag is recognized by a downward sloping flag, the place as a bearish flag is recognized by an upward sloping flag.

The next chart exhibits the bullish and bearish flag patterns together with how they’re traded

After value begins to consolidate and transfer regularly decrease, look to purchase on the escape of the flag. The worth goal is anticipated to be the minimal earlier distance of the flag submit from the escape value degree. The Determine 2 exhibits an instance of a bullish flag commerce instance.

above exhibits a bullish flag instance. We discover how the worth moved quickly earlier than getting into a interval of gradual exhaustion, proven by the variety of candles inside the flag. After breaking out of the flag sample, value rallies to succeed in not solely the minimal value goal however rallies to make greater highs. The stops for the bullish flag are positioned simply on the low previous to the escape from the bullish flag.

A bearish flag is characterised by a pointy drop in value adopted a interval of gradual value congestion shifting greater inside a channel. On escape of the bearish flag, value then travels a minimal distance of the flag submit. The Determine three illustrates a typical bearish flag sample.

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The following chart under, Determine four exhibits an instance of how the bearish flag is traded.

An attention-grabbing level to remember within the above bearish flag commerce instance is the retest of the escape degree. This retest could or could not occur, nevertheless it does remind merchants that buying and selling on a retest of a escape value degree is at all times a secure choice. Nevertheless, this isn’t at all times because the case as normally with flags, the break it sharp and fast.

Within the case of the above bearish flag escape, regardless of the rally again to retest the escape degree, value did handle to succeed in the minimal value goal.

Buying and selling the Pennant Patterns

The pennant patterns are just like flags, with the primary distinction being that the patterns are fashioned as converging development traces right into a triangle. The bullish and bearish pennant chart patterns work on the identical ideas of the flag patterns. The next chart exhibits a bearish pennant sample.

As seen by the above chart, the bearish pennant sample is recognized by converging development traces forming a pennant that’s sloping upwards on the backside finish. The sample is considerably just like a symmetrical triangle fashioned inside a smaller variety of candles, however preceded by a pointy bearish drop.

Determine 6 illustrates a bearish pennant instance. On this instance, we additionally get to see a pretend out that occurred out of the bearish pennant/symmetrical triangle. When taken in view of the bigger chart sample, the bearish pennant, the fakeout may have been simply prevented. Value ultimately manages to interrupt decrease out of the pennant sample ultimately retesting the escape earlier than dropping to succeed in the worth goal.

The bullish pennant sample is the alternative of the bearish pennant sample and nearly just like a bullish flag sample, with the exception that the pennant is fashioned by converging development traces forming a symmetrical triangle. The chart under, Determine 7, exhibits a bullish pennant instance and the way it may be traded.

Determine eight represents a commerce instance of a bullish pennant sample.  Right here we will see after a speedy rally, costs began to consolidate inside a decent vary forming a pennant. Upon escape from this pennant, value then subsequently rallied to succeed in the projected goal.

Flags and Pennants Chart Pattern

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The flags and pennant patterns generally is a good technique to commerce chart patterns. As a result of they’re continuation patterns, the possibilities of them failing a really low and subsequently can supply a safer technique to commerce chart patterns, particularly for many who are simply getting began with this method to buying and selling.


Take into account different chart patterns just like the head and shoulders, double high and double backside so as to develop your sample recognition. We additionally suggest taking our interactive foreign currency trading patterns quiz to check your information among the most used patterns in foreign currency trading.