Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

“The Atomic Analyst is a PA Price Action Indicator that utilizes the strength and momentum of the price to provide a better edge in the market. It is equipped with advanced filters to help remove noise and false signals and to increase trading potential. By using multiple layers of complex indicators, the Atomic Analyst scans the chart and converts complex mathematical calculations into simple signals and colors that any beginner trader can understand and use to make consistent trading decisions.”

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

There are many approaches to go about this indicator:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

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Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)


  • Non-repainting, non-redrawing, and non-lagging indicators
  • Maximum number of activations
  • Multi-timeframe (MTF) trend scanner
  • Modern user-friendly interface (GUI)
  • Multiple indicators integrated into one
  • Suitable for intra-day, day, and swing trading strategies
  • Ready for proprietary trading firms (prop firms)
  • Entry and exit points marked with arrows
  • Alerts sent to phone and email
  • MTF (multi-timeframe) analysis
  • Trend percentage calculation across all timeframes
  • Stop loss functionality
  • Multiple take-profit levels
  • Trailing stop feature
  • Display of potential win percentage and total number of trades for both sell and buy trades
  • Live trading session time display
  • Real-time tracking of daily, weekly, and all-time profits
  • Commission calculation daily
  • Display of bid and ask prices.
  • Live spread information
  • Candle timer, local time, and server time display
  • Connection status of the trading terminal (connected/disconnected)
  • Display of the account currency
  • Ability to change timeframes using the panel
Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)
  1. Rent a VPS: First, you should hire a Virtual Private Server (VPS) the place you will host your MT5 terminal and the indicator. There are varied VPS suppliers accessible; you possibly can select one that fits your necessities and price range.
Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)
  1. Install MT5 on VPS: Once you have the VPS, set up the MetaTrader 5 terminal on it. You can obtain the MT5 setup file from the MetaQuotes website and observe the setup directions.
  2. Install the Atomic Analyst on the VPS MT5: Install the AA on the VPS. 
  3. Launch MT5 on VPS: Open the MetaTrader 5 terminal in your VPS. Log in along with your account credentials.
  4. Attach the Atomic Analyst to a Chart: In the MT5 terminal on the VPS, open a chart for the image you need to commerce. Drag and drop the atomic analyst onto the chart. Preserve the default settings for higher efficiency.
  5. Enable Push Notifications: In the settings inputs ensure that the alerts are set to true so the atomic analyst will ship alerts.
  6. Configure MT5 Phone App: Install the MetaTrader 5 app on your telephone from the respective app retailer. Log in with the identical account credentials used in your VPS.
  7. Enable Push Notifications on Phone App: In the MetaTrader 5 app settings on your telephone, be certain that push notifications are enabled.
  8. Test the Setup: Once the whole lot is ready, check the configuration by triggering a sign in your MT5. You ought to obtain a push notification on your telephone by way of the MetaTrader 5 app, with the entry worth SL and TP1 and TP2 costs.
  9. Monitor Signals: Now, you possibly can go away with the MT5 terminal working in your VPS. Whenever the atomic analyst generates a purchase or promote sign, you will obtain a push notification on your telephone.
  10. Place Trades: When you obtain a notification, you possibly can open the MetaTrader 5 app on your telephone, analyze the sign additional if wanted, and place trades using the app or by way of your laptop computer terminal.
Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

1- This Bell Icon Gives you the flexibility to show the alerts on and Off.

2- The Exclamation Sign offers you the flexibility to fully decrease the panel BUT Still have entry to it by hovering over the panel with the Mouse!

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

3- The X signal Allows you to take away the indicator from the chart by clicking on it.

4- This presents the forex of the buying and selling account it helps the Euro/Dollar/Pound.

5- This is an MTF Panel that scans and reveals dwell traits on multi-timeframes AND may also be used as a Timeframes switching bar, The lively timeframe can be flickering.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

6- This reveals the world map together with which session is lively on the time of buying and selling and the native time when the session was opened.

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7- This is a buying and selling statistics tab that reveals the statics over the previous X variety of trades the win ratio for purchase and promotion individually and the revenue issue for the purchase and promotion as properly.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

8- This tab reveals the efficiency of your account by displaying the Alltime/Weekly/Daily P&L together with the fee paid on the present day.

9- This tab will let you keep up-to-date with the unfold additionally by displaying the present unfold and the bid and ask value properly.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

10- This Tab will use the MTF panel and Calculate the overall pattern of the chosen forex in % for the bull and bear individually.

A- This tab will hold you up to date with the terminal connection and you may see if the terminals are linked or not.

B- This tab is a triple click-on tab by clicking 3  occasions on it it can show the Candle timer/Local time/Server time.

– Show or conceal the panel: This tab if set to false will take away the panel utterly from the chart however will maintain the indicator working easily and you can obtain notifications.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

Settings of the ATOMIC ANALYST Indicator:

  • Price Strength:  The energy interval is the issue liable for the show of the bullish and bearish value transfer or inexperienced and pink impulse, once you change the energy of the impulse may also change.
  • SL vertical placement: The SL placement shall be modified as you modify this issue between a good SL and a big wiggly SL.
Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

Trailing Stop Visual:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

Choose to cover the Elements of the trailing cease together with the road dots and sign. Note Pls don’t conceal the sign it is vital.

– Buffers for EA: This indicator can be utilized with EA that help buffer entries and you should utilize 11 for purchase and 12 for promotion.

Setting for momentum indicator:

  • Bars to scan: defaulted to 1000, this may dictate what number of bars the indicator will use to investigate knowledge this knowledge shall be used to calculate the win ratio and in addition good for visible functions. Note: pls maintain the bar rely low for higher CPU efficiency.
  • Smoothening and amplitude of the momentum calculation, decreased numbers give you earlier entries however many entries, and better numbers give you bit late entries however much fewer entries, the smoothening and amplitude elements are essential for the calculation of the momentum of the development and measurement of the impulse.

Alerts of the ATOMIC ANALYST indicator sign:

by default on the mt5 terminal alerts are turned on, to obtain telephone notifications and Emails you need to flip each to true. Additionally, just remember to arrange the mt5 correctly to ship push notifications to your telephone.

Settings for the ATOMIC ANALYST indicator Arrows:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

You can manage to point out the arrow sign or conceal them and manage which shade the purchase and promote arrows you favor to have, and likewise improve the dimensions of the arrows, the shift of the arrows will transfer the arrows up or down nearer or farther from the sign candle, lastly, you possibly can select to alter the kind of the arrow purchase altering the code you will discover the arrows varieties by googling the record.

Settings for the ATOMIC ANALYST indicator commerce evaluation:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

These settings will let you present or conceal the pip counter and all the weather that comes with it and likewise will let you change the colors of these components.

Purchase settings and promote sample formation ATOMIC ANALYST indicator:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

these settings will let you manage the colors sizes and whether to point out or conceal the weather of the purchase and promote arrangement just like the SL line and the entry line and likewise the TP strains that are based mostly on fibo ranges. You possibly can manage the way you need every to look individually.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

The panel looks at ATOMIC ANALYST indicator settings:

These settings will enable you to customize the look of the panel in the best way you want. Take into account that the default settings and selection of colors were made to look good on any background shade, so you won’t want to alter any of those settings.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

Settings for the session time:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)
  • GMT offset: this will depend on your dealer’s time zone will arrange the time appropriately.
  • All buying and selling sessions begin/finish time inputs.
  • Control the session shade and the session text title shade and dimension.

Settings for the sound of the ATOMIC ANALYST indicator Clicks:

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

Choose to show it On/Off, with false equal to Off, by default, it is set to On which is true.

The Atomic Analyst is a PA Price Action Indicator that makes use of the Strength and Momentum of the value to discover a higher edge out there. Equipped with Advanced filters that assist take away noises and false alerts, and Increase Trading Potential. Using Multiple layers of complicated Indicators, the Atomic Analyst scans the chart and switches complicated mathematical calculations into easy alerts and colors that Any newbie dealer can perceive and use to make constant buying and selling choices.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

The “Atomic Analyst” is a complete buying and selling answer tailor-made for new and skilled merchants. It combines premium indicators and high-notch options with a multi-functional buying and selling technique, making it a flexible alternative for all sorts of merchants.

Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)
  • Intra-Day Buying and Selling and Scalping Strategy: Designed for quick and correct day buying and selling and short-term trades.
  • Day and Swing Trading Strategy: This can be used as a dependable instrument for day and swing merchants who goal for massive strikes of value.
  • Multi Currencies and Markets: Works on totally different devices and markets with dependable precision.
  • Multi Timeframes: Can be used on several timeframes with good efficiency.
  • Stability: All indicators are non-repainting, non-redrawing, and non-lagging making certain dependable alerts.
  • Signal Clarity: Offers arrow alerts for clear entry and exit factors.
  • Real-time Alerts: Keeps merchants knowledgeable with commerce entry, SL, and TP alerts.
  • Multiple TP ranges: Provides as much as 5 take revenue ranges utilizing Fibonacci.
  • In-depth Analysis: Provides greater timeframe development evaluation and dwell commerce monitoring.
  • Adaptive Color Coding: Utilizes candle color coding to mirror the power and momentum of the value.
  • Modern User-Friendly Interface and Panel: Offers all the essential and superior trucking of the metrics that Pro merchants use on an everyday foundation.
Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

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Atomic Analyst MT4 and MT5 Indicator (Download link inside)

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