Trade Explorer EA Cost 7 (Download link is inside)

Trade Explorer EA Cost $697 (Download link is inside)

Forex Robotron EA will solely commerce when it finds the best likelihood entries based mostly on years of historic testing. It does require endurance & self-discipline as with all buying and selling system. Forex Robotron trades 21-22 GMT when USA DST is on (i.e. summer season) and 22-23 When USA DST is off (i.e. winter). You don’t want to regulate the hours throughout summer season or winter, the hours are already set for you, and GMT is mechanically calculated by the Forex Robotron EA.

These are by far the very best buying and selling hours for Forex Robotron based mostly on historic testing over a few years, they produce sufficient trades with excessive accuracy. It is not essential to over-trade for long-term outcomes. You solely have to have your mt4 terminal operating at these hours or exterior these hours if there are open trades for Forex Robotron to handle.


let’s have a look at the completely different enter parameters of Forex Robotron EA intimately so you’ll be able to achieve an understanding of what every does and alter them must you require it. This is additionally helpful data for individuals who want to optimize Forex Robotron by testing completely different mixtures of the enter parameters.


Forex Robotron EA
  • Robot Name – Name used for Forex Robotron within the buying and selling terminal. This is the title displayed within the feedback of the “trade” and “account history”.
  • Max Spread – Maximum unfold. Forex Robotron won’t commerce if the present dealer unfold for the forex pair is larger than this worth (the unfold could be equal to this worth).
  • Max Slippage – Maximum slippage. Slippage is the distinction between the quoted worth and the precise worth the commerce is entered. Forex Robotron won’t commerce if the value has moved larger than this worth (slippage could be equal to this worth).
  • Hour Start – GMT Hour Forex Robotron begins.
  • Hour End – GMT Hour Forex Robotron stops buying and selling. There could be
  • trades which can be nonetheless open after these hours so hold your MetaTrader four terminal operating always in your pc or VPS so the EA will handle these trades for you.
  • Lots – If you set threat to false then you have to set a hard and fast lot dimension right here as an alternative. Make certain that you simply use a wise lot dimension on your account steadiness
  • Risk %– % of free margin to threat per commerce. The threat % is calculated by dividing the free margin by 100 after which multiplying this determine by the danger. This provides us the quantity in $ worth that we are going to threat for the commerce so we divide that by the cease loss which provides us the worth per lot. The precise full threat is not at all times misplaced as you will see out extra about from the cease loss rationalization beneath.
  • Minutes Sleep – How many minutes the EA will sleep after a dropping commerce? This is to keep away from consecutive dropping trades. Set to Zero to disable.
  • Stop Loss – Stop Loss distance from entry. Forex Robotron makes use of a hard and fast “safety” stop-loss which is not at all times hit as the indications used will often shut the commerce for a win or loss beforehand. This has the benefit that you don’t lose the complete threat per commerce, so you’ll lose lower than anticipated among the time.
  • Take Profit – Take Profit goal. Forex Robotron will often shut out a commerce utilizing the built-in indicators as this enables for a extra versatile and fewer inflexible strategy to buying and selling.
  • Min Profit – The revenue (in pips) after fee should be larger than this worth for the dynamic shut in revenue to work. Historical testing confirmed this worth is greatest left at 0, so no want to regulate.
  • Dynamic Close Loss – Set to true to make use of dynamic shut when the commerce is in a loss. If set to false, mounted cease loss is used. If you don’t just like the small losses from the dynamic cease loss, this set to false will hold a commerce open till it closes in revenue OR hits the complete cease loss which can assist minimize out the frequent smaller losses. Obviously means an even bigger loss when one full cease loss does occur (not often) however can improve the win price.
  • Dynamic Close Profit – Set to true to make use of dynamic shut when the commerce is in revenue. If set to false, mounted take revenue is used. You ought to go away this set to true as a result of the dynamic shut for worthwhile trades works greatest to exit at the very best alternative (based mostly on 10+ years of testing).
  • Trade Friday – Set to true if you wish to commerce Friday. This is suggested to be left false because of potential large weekend gaps that may trigger large losses.
  • Trade Sunday – Set to true if you wish to commerce Sunday. You could wish to set to false in case your dealer has excessive spreads on the Sunday open.
  • Trade Short – Set to true if you’d like the EA to position promote trades – NOT beneficial.
  • Trade Long – Set to true if you’d like the EA to position purchase trades (default).
  • Trading Aggressive – true = extra trades however barely riskier. False = fewer trades however safer (greatest based mostly on 10+ years of testing).
  • Use ATR – true = solely commerce if ATR is beneath the Max ATR stage. Aims to keep away from risky markets.
  • Max ATR– Only commerce if ATR is beneath this stage
Forex Robotron – [Cost $999] – For FREE
Forex Robotron EA – [Cost $999] – For FREE


Every single buying and selling system may have intervals of drawdowns or stagnation. This could be days, weeks, and even months when the buying and selling outcomes are at break-even or a small loss. This is fully regular and a part of buying and selling. No buying and selling system doesn’t undergo such intervals.

Forex Robotron is a long-term absolutely automated buying and selling answer that may have up and down days, weeks, and even months. But, based mostly on historic testing it has carried out when operating for sustained intervals.

You will see months the place there was a small loss, some customers could have began on that month and given up. But then the following month the robotic could have carried out higher and made a revenue. The markets are always altering.

Trading does require endurance and self-discipline. Robotron will go days with out buying and selling. Again, this is regular because it seems for the best likelihood trades based mostly on 10+ years of backtesting over historic information. It prefers to take just a few high-probability trades than a whole bunch of lower-probability trades.

In extraordinarily in depth testing, Robotron has gone by means of weeks even months of stagnation however the total outcomes of testing are optimistic. Just as a result of it didn’t make 100% within the first few days or even weeks, it doesn’t imply that it is not working. The markets are endlessly altering on no person could be 100% appropriate 100% of the time.

So, a consumer could have a 0% week (break-even), adopted by a -5% week, and maybe then suppose the robotic is “rubbish”. However, the next weeks may very well be a lot better. It is regular for unhealthy days, weeks, and even months with any buying and selling system. If we hold giving up and go onto the following system, this is a course of that may proceed endlessly as a result of we by no means give any an actual probability.

  • Time Frame: 5 Minutes
  • Trading Times: Between 9-11 pm GMT
  • Version: 28, Released May 2020 (non-obligatory ATR filter added for volatility across the pandemic)
  • Trade Frequency: Approximately 500 trades per 12 months (relying on market situations)

How to Improve Results?

  • Consider turning off dynamic shut in loss to attenuate smaller losses and improve win price (will trigger an even bigger loss if the stop-loss is hit)
  • Use a dealer with higher liquidity, execution speeds, tighter spreads, and decrease commissions
  • Run-on all 6 pairs for many trades potential
  • It is regular for each buying and selling system to undergo good and unhealthy
    intervals, that is buying and selling. Patience and self-discipline are at all times required

Why Are My Results Bad?

  • Brokers unfold/slippage/fee may very well be too excessive
  • You are operating on pairs that aren’t EURUSD, EURCAD, EURAUD, or EURCHF. EURGBP, USDCAD
  • You should not utilizing the default settings
  • You have modified the buying and selling hours (must be 22-23 at all times)
  • You have set commerce brief to true (must be false)
  • You have set dynamic shut in revenue to false (must be true)
  • You have set a revenue too excessive. Testing reveals this greatest left at 0
  • It is fully regular for each buying and selling system to undergo good and unhealthy intervals. Trading does require endurance and self-discipline
  • You are buying and selling in aggressive mode

Why Is It Not Trading?

  • Market situations – it is regular for there to be days with out trades if the market situations should not appropriate
  • You wouldn’t have knowledgeable advisors(auto buying and selling) enabled in mt4 and there is no smiley face on the chart
  • You wouldn’t have mt4 operating
  • You have set numerous threat dimension too excessive on your account fairness and leverage
  • Check consultants/journals tabs and logs in mt4 for any errors
  • Your dealer’s spreads are too excessive. You can improve the max unfold to 15
Robotron EURAUD FixedLot
Robotron EURAUD FixedLot

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  • Timeframe: M5, M15, M30, 1H, 4H, 1D
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