BIS proposes study mannequin to sight DeFi’s integration with TradFi and its dangers

BIS proposes evaluate mannequin to see DeFi’s integration with TradFi and its dangers

The Bank for International Settlements looked under the hood of decentralized finance (DeFi) in a new working paper and introduced the DeFi stack reference (DSR) model to illustrate the technology’s functionality and risks. The report discussed the integration of DeFi with traditional finance and suggested ways to assess its risks during that integration. The paper

AEX Alternate Proposes New Funds Retrieval Resolution to Customers

AEX Exchange Proposes New Funds Retrieval Solution to Customers Embattled AEX exchange has added a new solution for customers to retrieve trapped funds.The new solution by AEX will be executed by a third-party law firm and a third-party management company.Customers are free to choose between the new solution and the existing “soft payment” strategy. Embattled