MakerDAO impress rebounds as DAI holds its peg and investors peek for stablecoin security

MakerDAO label rebounds as DAI holds its peg and merchants come throughout for stablecoin safety

MakerDAO price rebounds as DAI holds its peg and investors search for stablecoin security Its been a rough couple of weeks for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) price is nowhere near the price estimates of most analysts, multiple stablecoins lost their peg and the demise of one of the top decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms sparked…

Maker (MKR): Designate Updates, Most up-to-date Trends, Future Events, Community

Maker (MKR): Trace Updates, Recent Traits, Future Events, Neighborhood

Maker (MKR): Price Updates, Recent Developments, Future Events, Community Maker (MKR) is the native token of MakerDAO’s Dai, a decentralized stablecoin using a unique ‘Maker Collateral Vault’ system. In pushing to be used to finance off-chain business activities, Maker vaults were used to finance a shipment of Australian beef to Hong Kong. For the transaction,…