How to install custom indicator in MetaTrader platform

How to install custom Indicators in MetaTrader 4 Platform step by step.

Indicators assist interpret your graph or ensure it is simpler to comprehend the things that they symbolize. Below you will locate a brief explanation about what steps to take to best put in an index. Additionally, there are hundreds and hundreds of indicators that allow you to create matters more straightforwardly to spot or view your graphs. They have sometimes split into several classes: fashion indicators, oscillators, volume signs, and also a couple of many additional ones. Each one of these indicators has parameters of efficacy, dependability, others, and lagging.

This guide assumes that you have opened a MetaTrader 4 platform chart.




1) Locate & download your best of the custom 1. forex indicators 2. forex strategies 3. binary options indicators 4. binary options strategies 5. expert advisors zip file from forex in the world trade tools section to your system (desktop, computer).

After the zip file is downloaded, just select the file and right click from the mouse, and click Extract All.

2) After clicking Extract, All same names unzip the folder to show on your system.

3) Open this unzip the folder and see your main trading tool file is inside with the proper name.

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4) Open your MetaTrader4 platform, Open the file from the top options, and click Open data folder.

5) Open the MQL file and open the Indicator folder. and paste file custom indicator file there.

After completing the steps. see how to use a custom indicator on your MetaTrader 4 platform charts.

1) Open your MetaTrader4 platform.

2) Locate the Navigator panel, as below.

3) On the navigator, search your Custom Indicators for installation in the MetaTrader4 platform chart.

4) Double click the indicator and the Indicator Properties and set them as per strategy rules like notification alerts, change indication mark colours as per your thing, and be ok to use.

  • the custom indicator installation process is completed.

10 thoughts on “How to install custom indicator in MetaTrader platform”

  1. I am looking at buying the full version but i need more confidence.

    You say its for any currency? Would i need to tweak the parameters for each currency or could the default functions work at a suitable success rate with the currencies?

    I have set it up as guided for EUR/USD , GBP/USD and USD/JPY but would be interested in the others.

    1. Actually MT4 and MT5 is both are similer. MT5 is upgraded version of MT4. you can use this all steps in MT5 platform Indicator installation process.

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