Invictus Gold Robot MT$ and MT5 Indicator (Download Link Inside)

Invictus Gold Robot MT$ and MT5 Indicator (Download Link Inside)

Invictus Gold EA is an automated Gold Robot specially designed to trade on XAUUSD(GOLD) pair. Gold, one of the most liquid and frequently traded instruments globally, offers many trading opportunities. The EA is specifically tailored to leverage these opportunities, making it exceptionally proficient. Here, we’ll delve into its features and understand why it stands out.The core of Robots algorithm lies in its utilization of the Bollinger Bands indicator. Bollinger Bands, a tried and tested technical analysis tool, helps traders identify potential overbought and oversold market conditions. By basing its strategy on this indicator, Invictus Gold EA sets itself on a foundation grounded in decades of market analysis.

One of the standout features of this Gold Robot is its behavioral factor filter. This EA delves into market psychology instead of merely relying on technical indicators. It evaluates the depth of the market, ensuring that trading decisions are grounded in robust behavioral patterns. This approach helps in sieving out false market entry points, thereby increasing the probability of profitable trades.

Invictus Gold EA Risk Management

A significant concern for many traders when using EAs is the potential use of risky money management techniques. Invictus Gold EA distinguishes itself by avoiding dangerous strategies like martingale, arbitrage, grid, and hedge. The dedication to safety is further underscored by the EA’s use of a hard stop loss and take profit for every trade position, ensuring traders’ capital is always protected.



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Issues like spread widening or slippage can severely impact trading outcomes in fast-moving markets. Gold EA has controls to manage these challenges, ensuring trades are executed under optimal conditions.

Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, please familiarize yourself and understand how this Invictus Gold EA works, then only use it in a real account.

Recommendations for This Gold Robot

  • Minimum account balance of 100$.
  • EA is specially made to work on XAUUSD(Gold). (Work on any currency pair)
  • It works best on H1. (Work on any TimeFrame)
  • This Invictus Gold Robot should work on VPS continuously to reach stable results.
  • The EA is NOT sensitive to spread and slippage. But We advise using a good ECN broker (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)


Invictus Gold EA is a prime tool for those trading the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair, combining the reliability of the Bollinger Bands with keen market psychology insights. Its emphasis on safe trading strategies and protections against market pitfalls like slippage marks it as a secure and efficient choice. Invictus Gold Robot is a standout option for traders seeking a balanced mix of precision and safety in gold trading.

Recommended Broker
Trade with a Trusted Global Broker  ➤ XM

  • Platform: Metatrader4
  • EA version: 1.73
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Recommended broker: XM

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