Inner Circle Trader – ICT Indicators Collection Download link inside

Inner Circle Trader – ICT Indicators Collection Download link inside

ICT Indicators Collection is a comprehensive suite curated by the Inner Circle Trader methodology. Designed to arm traders with precise instruments that decode market behaviors, this collection is more than just a set of tools; it’s a gateway to informed trading decisions. Dive in, download, and discover these indicators’ potential for your trading journey.ICT stands for Inner Circle Trader. In the realm of forex trading, ICT represents a collection of methodologies, strategies, and concepts tailored to decode major market players’ actions. The primary notion is that by comprehending the movement and decisions of these big entities, a trader can make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on market movements. But before delving deeper into these indicators and how they shape the foundation of ICT, it’s essential to understand the broader landscape by comparing ICT with its similar counterpart, SMC Indicators, or Smart Money Concept.

Smart Money Concept And Inner Circle Trader: What’s the Difference?

ICT (Inner Circle Trader) and SMC (Smart Money Concepts) Lay their foundation on the behavior and movements of big financial institutions, banks, and hedge funds, collectively called ‘smart money’. These entities play a colossal role in dictating market directions. Thus, understanding their behaviors is pivotal to success in forex trading.

Both SMC and ICT converge on the principle of understanding and predicting the ‘smart money’ movements. However, the distinction lies in the application and specific methodologies:



  • SMC (Smart Money Concepts): Focuses on broader strategies like market manipulation and the psychology behind smart money’s decisions. The goal is to understand when these big players are looking to accumulate assets and when they are offloading, allowing traders to ride along with them.
  • ICT (Inner Circle Trader): Delves deeper into specific trading tools, techniques, and a vast array of indicators (some of which will be detailed below) tailored to understand, predict, and capitalize on smart money movements.

This SMC indicator isn’t a standalone trading indicator System. Still, it can be very useful for your trading as additional chart analysis, to find trade exit position(TP/SL), and more. While traders of all experience levels can use this system, practicing trading on an MT4 demo account can be beneficial until you become consistent and confident enough to go live. You can open a real or demo trading account with most Forex brokers.

Smart Money Concept - SMC Indicators Collection FREE Download

Indicators included in the ICT Indicators Collection:

Forex traders utilizing the ICT methodology have an arsenal of indicators at their disposal. Some of the key indicators in the ICT Indicators collection include:

  1. ICT ADR & ICT ADR Third: ICT Indicators providing insights into the average daily range and its divisions are crucial for understanding daily price volatility.
  2. ICT Asia Session: Highlight price behaviors during the Asian trading hours.
  3. ICT Asian_Range: Specifies the high-low range during the Asian market session.
  4. ICT Asia-NY Session: Gives insights into the transition from the Asian to the New York trading session.
  5. ICT Big and Mid Figure & ICT Big Figure Mid Figure: Zones of significance due to round numbers or intermediary figures often acting as psychological support or resistance.
  6. ICT Daily HL: Provides the high and low of the daily price.
  7. ICT Daily Line Box: A box representation of daily price movement.
  8. ICT Daily MidPivots & ICT Daily Pivots Shifted: Focus on daily pivot points, helping traders understand potential intraday turning points.
  9. ICT Day Of Week: Helps traders decipher potential price behavior based on specific days of the week.
  10. ICT CME Open: Reflects the opening of the CME trading session.
  11. ICT Kill Zone Sessions & ICT Kill Zones & ICT Killzone Lines: Represent periods of high trading activity and potential turning points during the day.
  12. ICT Session Lines: Lines denoting different trading sessions.
  13. ICT Spread: Helps gauge the spread during specific sessions.
  14. ICT Fractal SR: SMC Indicators based on the fractal nature of the market to identify support and resistance levels.
  15. ICT GMT Pivots: Pivots adjusted to the Greenwich Mean Time.
  16. ICT Macro Pivots: Pivots based on longer-term data for broader market direction.
  17. ICT Market Structure: Provides insights into the prevailing market trend and potential shifts.
  18. ICT Monthly Pivots & ICT Weekly Pivot & ICT Weekly MidPivot: Pivot points are calculated on monthly and weekly timeframes.
  19. ICT Overlay Chart & ICT OverLayChart-MA: Charts superimposed with moving averages to understand price direction in relation to historical averages.
  20. ICT Pivot Daily Macro: A daily pivot based on macroeconomic data.
  21. ICT Power of Three: A combination of three significant indicators or levels to guide trading decisions.
  22. ICT Traders Trinity Daily, ICT Traders Trinity Monthly & ICT Traders Trinity Weekly: Indicators providing insights into market conditions (overbought/oversold) across daily, monthly, and weekly periods.
  23. ICT USDX: An indicator focusing on the US Dollar Index, crucial for gauging the relative strength or weakness of the USD.
  24. ICT Weekly Open: Indicates the opening price of the week.
  25. ICT Monthly Trinity: A monthly overview of the aforementioned Trinity series.
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Conclusion of SMC Indicators Collection

In conclusion, while both the SMC and ICT methodologies aim to tap into the ‘smart money’ movements, SMC Indicators offer a more extensive array of specific tools and indicators to guide traders in making more informed decisions. Utilizing these indicators effectively can help in capturing potential trading opportunities steered by the movements of major market players.

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