Best Intraday Breakout Forex strategy

Intraday trading demands precision and a keen understanding of market direction. The Best Intraday Breakout Forex strategy offers a reliable method to decipher the day’s price movement, ensuring traders are positioned for success.

Key Components

  • Time Frame: 15 minutes
  • Financial Markets: Forex, Indices
Intraday Breakout Forex strategy

Indicators Used

  1. MA Parabolic st 2.1 (MA 14, Parabolic 0.1): Defines trend direction
  2. Price Action Channel (EMA 3 High – EMA 3 Low): Identifies price range
  3. T&C Wonders: Enhances trend analysis
  4. Breakout Box (Start 03:00 – End 18:00): Sets breakout parameters
  5. Breakout Daily Targets: Guides exit points
  6. ITM Signal (14, Cycle 5): Signals bullish or bearish momentum
  7. Flat Indicator: Indicates market conditions


  • Buy: Enter when the price breaks above the box within the price action channel. Confirm with a green ITM Signal, green Flat indicator, and price above the MA Parabolic.
  • Sell: Initiate a sell position as the price breaches below the box and stays within the price action channel. Confirm with a red ITM Signal, red Flat indicator, and price below the MA Parabolic.
  • Re-Entry: Optional, based on the same conditions as the initial entry.
  • Exit: Take profits at the daily targets. Set stop-loss orders at the previous swing high/low and adjust to breakeven with a 15-pip gain.
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Best Intraday Breakout Forex strategy

Tips for Success:

  • Avoid entering trades after reaching the last daily target.
  • Focus on currency pairs exhibiting clear trends and trade aligning with the primary trend direction.

Mastering the Best Intraday Breakout strategy empowers traders to navigate intraday fluctuations confidently, positioning them for profitable trades in the dynamic forex market.

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