Have you ever felt the devastating market power of a bear lure? However sure bullish development stops abruptly and a development reversal begins. Then you say, “Hey, let’s catch that drop!” and also you short-sell the fairness. Suddenly, the value does a fast soar opposite to your commerce! What a disgrace! Have you ever felt that? I wager you will have. This is what merchants name “The Bear Trap”. In this text, we’ll cowl the interior workings of a bear lure and how one can keep away from falling into one.


A bear lure happens when shorts tackle a place when an inventory is breaking down, solely to have the inventory reverse and shoot larger.  This counter-transfer produces a lure and sometimes results in sharp rallies.





The bear lure chart sample is a primary setup.  You will need the latest vary to be damaged to the drawback with ideally excessive quantity. The inventory might want to get again above assist inside 5 candlestick bars, then explode out of the top quality.  The final part of the setup is that the inventory ought to have an honest worth vary.  A large worth vary is vital, because it will increase the percentages that the inventory can have room to develop to guide fast earnings.


The first wave of shopping will happen when the newest swing excessive is exceeded, as a result of a variety of shorter periods merchants who’ve their stops barely above the newest swing excessive.  The second wave of shopping comes into play as soon as the sturdy shorts understand that this isn’t only a lifeless cat bounce, however, that the transfer has legs.  This will produce the second bounce, which can typically precede the short-term prime within the counter transfer.


Below is an instance of a bear lure on 7/6 for the inventory Agrium, Inc. (AGU).  You will discover that the inventory broke to recent two-day lows, earlier than having a pointy counter transfer larger.


You will encounter many bear traps throughout your buying and selling profession. As we acknowledged earlier, the secret’s to not fall into one. As you most likely guess, it’s not possible to keep away from each bear lure; telltale indicators you’ll be able to look out for to keep away from these dropping trades.


Market quantity is among the most essential parts of figuring out bear traps. When an inventory is beginning to reverse, approaching new highs or new lows, you’ll discover quantity starting to speed up.

Bear Trap
Bear Trap

Bear Traps and Volume

This is the 10-minute chart of Twitter from Aug 26 – 27, 2015. The lengthy black arrow defines the bullish development. Suddenly, the development line is damaged and the value begins to lower sharply, which is highlighted within the crimson circle. At the identical time, quantity is comparatively low, which is an indication that the reversal is suspect at its greatest.

Bear Trap
Bear Trap

Bear Traps and Volume 2

After the break-in development, Twitter varieties a base after which rallies again as much as the latest peak.

Later, Twitter breaks the decrease stage of the blue triangle, thus giving the impression that the resistance space is just too sturdy to be damaged. However, the break by way of the triangle occurs throughout low volumes just like the earlier break of the uptrend line. We have a second suspicious bearish breakout. Now what?

Bear Trap
Bear Trap

Bear Traps and Volume 3

If you had shorted after the development break or the triangle breakdown, you’ll have gotten yourself right into a bear lure! Notice that the actual inventory strikes happen throughout excessive volumes. These excessive volumes had been absent in the course of the two breakdowns, therefore a bear lure developed.


Fibonacci ratios are essential for figuring out development reversals. If the value doesn’t break key Fibonacci ranges, it is best to assume the value reversal is in the query.  These forms of minor breaks ought to be perceived as development corrections, however not true breakdowns.

Let’s now see how Fibonacci matches throughout the bearish lure state of affairs with Twitter.

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 Bear Traps and Fibonacci Levels 2
Bear Traps and Fibonacci Levels 2

Bear Traps and Fibonacci Levels

Notice that after the development interruption, Twitter finds sturdy assist on the 23.6% Fibonacci Level. The subsequent bottoms will not be even near this stage. In our case, the value simply bounces within the blue resistance. Then, the brand new rally seems.

Just as a rule of thumb, if an inventory is unable to retrace 38.2% of the transfer, the first development is powerful.


If you commerce with indicators, which provide you with divergence indicators, then you’ll be able to simply spot bear traps. If the value breaks downwards, however, the indicators account for a bullish undertone, then we should always suspect the bearish transfer is probably going a lure. It will not be that essential which indicator you utilize. This indicator must supply divergence indicators. In the picture beneath, I’ll present you with how one can spot bear traps with the relative power index and MACD.

Bear Traps and Divergences 2
Bear Traps and Divergences 2

Bear Traps and Divergences

This is the 10-minute chart of Bank of America from Nov 12 – 16, 2015. The blue strains point out a buying and selling vary, which BAC was caught in for almost all of the day. The crimson circle exhibits the breakdown within the blue channel. The blue strains point out the divergence between the value and the 2 oscillators. The crimson line on the chart exhibits that the value is making decrease lows, whereas at the same time the MACD and RSI are transferring upwards. This creates two bullish divergences between the value and the 2 indicators, regardless of the bearish breakout. This is an indication {that a} brief place wouldn’t be a very good transfer in this case. Let’s now see how commerce developed.

 Bear Traps and Two Divergences 2
Bear Traps and Two Divergences 2

Bear Traps and Two Divergences

After the bearish breakout, the value begins a gentle enhancement. This signifies that our breakout was certainly a bear lure. Fortunately, we managed to keep away from the bear lure by recognizing two divergences between worth, RSI,, and the MACD.


Here we’re once more discussing an important inventory buying and selling part = the value motion!

If the value motion had been screaming a bearish development is coming to a finish, would you go brief?  Not me!

Have a look at the instance beneath:

Bear Trap and Falling Wedges 4
Bear Trap and Falling Wedges 4

Bear Traps and Falling Wedges

If your first thought was that you’ve seen this chart earlier, then you’re proper. This is the identical Agrium Inc. chart we mentioned first in the article. The new factor is the orange strains, which create a transparent falling wedge formation. As you most likely know, falling wedges after bearish traits result in development reversals. Thus, we count on the value to interrupt by way of the higher stage of the formation.

In our case, although, the value breaks by way of the decrease stage of the falling wedge determine we keep out of the market avoiding the bear lure.

When the value will get again to regular and breaks the higher stage of the wedge, there’s even a protracted place alternative.

Let’s now undergo one other bear lure instance, which we will keep away from with easy worth motion information:

Bear Trap and Price Action Trading 2
Bear Trap and Price Action Trading 2

Bear Trap and Price Action Trading

This is the 30-minute chart of Google for the interval Dec 9 – 17, 2015. This is one other instance of a bear lure inventory chart, which could be simply acknowledged with easy worth motion strategies.

First, we have now a falling wedge determined, which is printed with the blue strains on the image. We count on the value to interrupt the falling wedge upwards, switching to the bullish path. Yet, Google breaks the falling wedge in a bearish path, in opposition to the straightforward worth motion logic.

Even if we’re lured into a brief place right here, we have now a second likelihood to behave correctly and to shut the commerce on time, when a hammer exhibits up 4 candles later. This is a well-known reversal candle sample, which indicates an upcoming worth enhancement. If we shut our brief place after this bullish sign, we are not going to solely keep away from massive losses, we’d even have generated revenue equal to $2.50 per share!

Note that this isn’t a very good follow in any respect. Do not try and commerce a reverse bear lure on the objective. If you get yourself into nasty commerce, attempt to play your odds as most significant as attainable to get out of the market unscathed.

How to Protest Yourself Against Bear Traps

The reply to this query is straightforward and you will discover it in each bear lure guide – use cease loss orders!

If you enter a bear lure and you’ve got an energetic cease loss order, what does this imply? This signifies that worst-case state of affairs you’ll lose not more than what you will have deliberated loose. Thus, your bear lure commerce is not going to bankrupt you.


  • It is known as a bear lure, and a result of this chart sample typically lures merchants into brief positions solely to rapidly reverse to the upside.
  • Bear traps might generally be recognized and prevented.
  • Some of the instruments, which assist us in opposition to bear traps are:
  • Volume Indicator – low volumes signify transfer uncertainty.
  • Fibonacci Levels – worth tends to bounce from essential Fibonacci ranges.
  • Divergence Tools (like Oscillators) – Bullish divergences indicate upward worth transfer.
  • Price Action – patterns might typically contradict arish breakouts.
  • If you discover a few of these 4 indicators throughout bearish breakouts, this could po a bear lure.
  • Spotting bear traps assist us to keep away from them.
  • Bear traps might simply be hedged by placing cease-loss orders in your trades.
  • The reverse equal of bear traps arises bull traps.
  • Bull traps act the identical approach to bear traps however in the wrong way.

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