ZuluTrade's Subscription Thought Page Now Live By Investing.com Studios

ZuluTrade’s Subscription Thought Page Now Live By Investing.com Studios

Finvasia’s notorious social and copy trading chief ZuluTrade now no longer too long in the past presented a modern Subscription Thought for replica merchants. Free of transaction-essentially essentially based platform costs, it provides a transparent and more profitable solution for customers who can copy a couple of Chief Solutions, relying on the series of slots integrated of their selected subscription kit. Now, the devoted Subscription Thought online page is continue to exist ZuluTrade’s web living, offering customers with the entire famous files.

Advantages of ZuluTrade’s New Subscription Thought

ZuluTrade’s Subscription Thought comes with a series of uncommon advantages, including discounts for customers who opt for quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions, offering wonderful cost savings that differ between 5% (quarterly), 10% (semi-annual) and 17% (annual). An intensive list of copy trading costs, discounts and subscription periods is readily accessible on ZuluTrade’s web living.

As well to the above, ZuluTrade has revealed its Zero Subscription Thought, readily accessible to customers signing up with Integrated and selected Co-Branded Brokers. Users who dangle an fable or open a modern fable with surely such a brokers can revel in copy trading any series of Chief Solutions with out being charged the month-to-month subscription rate. On this case, the subscription rate is fully covered by the broker.

To launch, customers can link their existing trading accounts to ZuluTrade or rep a modern one with any of the Dealer Partners in minutes. If customers can’t safe their most neatly-liked broker amongst the unusual Integrated and Co-Branded Brokers, they are able to put up a quiz to ZuluTrade’s wait on workers to add it. To launch copy trading and use the ZuluTrade platform, customers will deserve to dangle an brisk ZuluTrade Subscription Thought and a live trading fable with the broker of their preference. A elephantine list of brokers offering ZuluTrade copy trading could perchance simply also be accessed here.

With the abet of the platform’s built-in Subscription calculator, copy merchants can moreover construct a straight away and simply quotation of the amount they could perchance be charged in step with the broker they settle, series of Chief Solutions they wish to observe and the series of months.

“Our aim is to impact rep admission to to repeat and social trading cost-effective,” acknowledged Dimitrios Lathouras, ZuluTrade’s CFO. “By offering a Subscription Thought free of transaction-essentially essentially based platform costs, we iron out any cost-connected concerns that could perchance appear discouraging to some copy merchants. All charges and subscription plans are openly displayed on our web living, exhibiting that ZuluTrade areas out of the ordinary stamp on transparency.”

To discover ZuluTrade’s copy trading platform and some worthy advantages of its Subscription Thought, discuss with the gain living.

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**Reward ZuluTrade customers can proceed to rep admission to repeat trading free of cost.

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