Ukraine, US agree: counteroffensive creeps ahead, measured in blood

Ukraine, US agree: counteroffensive creeps ahead, measured in blood

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By Olena Harmash

(Reuters) – Ukraine has been publicly cautious in counting good points in a counteroffensive it launched this month to reclaim territory occupied by Russian forces, and on Friday its president and a U.S. overall acknowledged that development is measured in blood.

The pause U.S. military officer, Navy Favorite Mark Milley, instructed an viewers at the National Press Club in Washington that the counteroffensive used to be “advancing step by step, deliberately working its manner thru very no longer easy minefields … 500 meters a day, 1,000 meters a day, 2,000 meters a day, that more or much less facet.”

He said he used to be unsurprised development used to be slower than some folk and computer systems might possibly presumably need predicted.

“War on paper and valid war are varied. In valid war, valid folk die. Staunch folk are on these entrance lines and valid folk are in these autos. Staunch bodies are being shredded by excessive explosives.”

He added, “What I had said used to be right here goes to rob six, eight, 10 weeks, it will be very no longer easy. It be going to be very lengthy, and it will be very, very bloody. And no one will deserve to possess any illusions about any of that.”

Final week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said the counteroffensive used to be “slower than desired”, without getting too particular. Ukraine says it has recaptured a cluster of villages in operations that liberated 130 square km (50 square miles) in the south, however right here is a diminutive share of the total territory held by Russia.

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On Friday, Zelenskiy said his forces developed “in all instructions of our energetic operations,” while Hanna Maliar, deputy defense minister, said the military assessed development as “going in accordance with opinion,” and that the counteroffensive desires to be evaluated by “quite quite a bit of varied military tasks.”

Reuters used to be unable to take a look at the disaster on the battlefield. Russia, which started its fleshy-scale invasion of its neighbor in February 2022 has no longer acknowledged the Ukrainian good points and has said Ukraine’s forces are struggling heavy casualties.


Zelenskiy used to be quoted as saying Ukraine wished to repeat results sooner than a July 11 NATO gathering in Lithuania, at which Kyiv is hoping for an invitation to birth out the diagram of becoming a member of the U.S.-led military alliance – however no longer at any price.

“Sooner than the summit we must repeat results,” Spanish national broadcaster RTVE quoted him as telling Spanish media in Kyiv, in step with a translation of his remarks. “Nonetheless each and each kilometer fees lives.”

Zelenskiy acknowledged plans for the counteroffensive had slowed in contemporary months. “We stopped because lets no longer attain,” he said. “Advancing meant losing folk and we had no artillery.”

RTVE of Spain quoted him as saying Ukraine used to be “very cautious in this regard” and that he would determine to rob longer if it meant losing fewer folk. “Between time and human beings, folk are the ultimate,” RTVE quoted him as saying.

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Zelenskiy used to be talking on a day when he ordered top military commanders to toughen the northern military sector following the advent of Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin in Belarus, under a deal negotiated by President Alexander Lukashenko that ended his mercenaries’ mutiny in Russia.

Prigozhin’s Wagner Neighborhood might possibly presumably location up a brand new horrible at a vacant military horrible shut to the town of Asipovichi, about 90 km (50 miles) from the Belarusian capital, Minsk, Russian media reported.

After pushing Russian forces out of northern areas final 365 days, Ukraine took steps to tighten the defense of its border with Belarus, a shut ally of Russia.

Zelenskiy said the disaster in varied frontline areas, supplies of artillery and shells, and advances by Ukrainian troops towards Russian forces possess been talked about at a gathering with military commanders on Friday.

“Ukraine is fighting for his or her lifestyles,” Milley said in Washington. “We’re giving them as much lend a hand as humanly that you might possibly believe. Nonetheless at the end of the day, Ukrainian soldiers are assaulting thru minefields and into trenches” towards Russia’s much increased military.

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