The six phases to product-market match in Web3

The six phases to product-market match in Web3

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Because the endure market of 2023 unfolds, the market is stuffed with tokens and initiatives on lifestyles enhance struggling with to outlive or retain price. A good deal of those initiatives, merchandise and platforms vary from Web2 corporations. They pause not absorb centered groups to force product-market match (PMF). They utilize levers adore incentives, tokens and a motion-centered means to branding.

Web3 platforms can birth up their product-market match journey with the distribution of utility tokens by airdrops or bounties growing a neighborhood-operated crew. Permissionless product innovation, leaderless actions (e.g., Bitcoin) and faceless branding are more nuanced than Web2 traditionalists would care to love.

Modern decentralization

Utility institution

Utility momentum

Network pause alpha (Metcalfe’s Regulations)

Network pause beta (Reed’s Regulations)

The industrial flywheel

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