Day-to-day International replace Details and Watchlist: GBP/USD

Day after day Forex News and Watchlist: GBP/USD

Partner Center Find a Broker Who’s up for a dollar-related setup today? If you are, then you won’t want to miss GBP/USD’s potential inflection points in the 15-minute charts! Before moving on, ICYMI, yesterday’s watchlist looked at AUD/CAD’s short-term inflection point after the RBA’s meeting minutes and before Canada’s CPI release. Be sure to check

Tournament Handbook: FOMC Assertion – September 2023

Match Info: FOMC Assertion – September 2023

Partner Center Find a Broker The big Fed event is coming this week, with high expectations of  the FOMC holding interest rates! How likely is this the case and is there still expectations of higher interest rates ahead? Here are major points you need to know if you’re planning on trading the event: Event in

Chart Art: Consolidation Fracture on S&P 500?

Chart Art: Consolidation Rupture on S&P 500?

Partner Center Find a Broker S&P 500 has been consolidating tightly for the past few weeks. Is there something ahead to wake traders up, and will it be enough to break the triangle pattern? S&P E-mini Futures (SPX500): 4-hour S&P 500 Emini Chart by TradingView If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to watch a

Chart Artwork: Another Shallow Dip For the Oil Uptrend Forward?

Chart Art: Yet one more Shallow Dip For the Oil Uptrend Forward?

Partner Center Find a Broker Oil has been on a monster run higher with shallow pullbacks easily drawing in buyers along the way. Will the consolidation lead to a pullback and another buying opportunity for the bulls? WTI Crude Oil Futures: 1-hour WTI Crude Oil Futures 1-hour Forex Chart by TradingView Alright, folks, let’s dive

On every day basis International replace News and Watchlist: USD/CAD

Day after day Forex News and Watchlist: USD/CAD

Partner Center Find a Broker Uncle Sam and Canada are printing housing-related reports today! Will the releases inspire volatility for USD/CAD in the next few hours? The 15-minute chart presents a few short-term opportunities. Before moving on, ICYMI, I’ve listed the” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>potential economic catalysts that you need to watch out for this week. Check