Simon Dixon Loses $8.8 Million Price Bitcoin on Celsius Community

Simon Dixon Loses $8.8 Million Value Bitcoin on Celsius Network

© Reuters Simon Dixon Loses $8.8 Million Value Bitcoin on Celsius Network
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  • Simon Dixon tweeted that Celsius Network has stolen $8.8 million value of bitcoin from him.
  • He additionally mentioned the involvement of Alex Mashinsky within the theft.
  • Many traders came forward with their experiences and comments over the incident.

Simon Dixon, the CEO, and co-founding father of the score funding platform shared a thread on his legitimate Twitter legend claiming that the liquidity-strapped crypto lending platform, Celsius Network, has obtained 289 Bitcoin value $8.8 million as to an earlier loan application which hasn’t been even granted.

On February 25, Dixon tweeted that “the Celsius hole is deeper than we think”:

Particularly, Dixon, while presenting the huge loss he had, commented that he would rather tackle it as an “embezzlement” associated to the one performed by SBF, the same outdated CEO of the crypto firm FTX than call it a “mismanagement”.

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Interestingly, the crypto investor Renato agreed with Dixon, but with one advice. He acknowledged that:

Simon I have faith what you dispute, ideal one puny grammatical error .the be aware “mismanagement “wants to in discovering replaced with “Theft “ Let’s call it what it's, the total signs are there.

In a single other thread, he added that the day he lost his father, “Celsius ripped $8.8 million bitcoin” from his legend. He instructed that the quantity used to be associated to the one withdrawn by the Israeli-American entrepreneur Alex Mashinsky, “sooner than he paused one other $10m”.

Additionally, he acknowledged that Mishinsky too rigged him off, noting:

3 days later I used to be on the cellular phone with Alex Mashinsky seeking to support him put his firm and not using a clue he had rigged me.

Following Dixon’s tweet, and even sooner than his revelation, many crypto traders possess come forward with the “theft” they experienced from the Celsius Network.

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