Ransom refusals hit attackers where it hurts: 40% earnings fall in 2022 — Chainalysis

Ransom refusals hit attackers the build it hurts: 40% income tumble in 2022 — Chainalysis

Ransomware victims have apparently had ample of the extortion, with ransomware revenues for attackers plummeting 40% to $456.8 million in 2022.

Blockchain intelligence agency Chainalysis shared the tips in a Jan. 19 checklist, noting that the figures don’t essentially imply the amount of assaults is down from the outdated year.

<em>Full ticket extorted by ransomware attackers between 217 and 222. Source: </em><em>Chainalysis</em>
<em>Commute spot of funds leaving ransomware wallets between 218 and 222. Source: </em><em>Chainalysis</em>

Victims refusing to pay

<em>Siegel&rsquo;s probability chart suggests that ransomware victims have change into extra and extra unwilling to pay their attackers. Source. </em><em>Chainalysis</em>

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