Putin says Russia positions nuclear bombs in Belarus as warning to West

Putin says Russia positions nuclear bombs in Belarus as warning to West

By Andrew Osborn

(Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin acknowledged on Friday that his deployment of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, something he confirmed for the first time had already took place, was a reminder to the West that it would possibly perchance perchance perhaps perchance well not inflict a strategic defeat on Russia.

Talking at Russia’s flagship economic forum in St Petersburg, Putin acknowledged Russian tactical nuclear warheads had already been dropped at shut ally Belarus, but wired he observed no want for Russia to resort to nuclear weapons for now.

“As we had been negotiating with our ally, (Belarusian President (Alexander) Lukashenko, that we’d pass a portion of these tactical nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus – this has took place,” acknowledged Putin.

“The well-known nuclear warheads had been dropped at the territory of Belarus. But finest the first ones, the first portion. But we are able to lift out this job fully by the terminate of the summer season or by the terminate of the year.”

The pass, Moscow’s first deployment of such warheads – shorter-fluctuate nuclear weapons that can perchance well potentially be faded on the battlefield – exterior Russia for the reason that tumble of the Soviet Union was intended as a warning to the West about arming and supporting Ukraine, the Russian chief acknowledged.

“…It’s precisely as an ingredient of deterrence so as that all other folks who’re all for inflicting a strategic defeat on us are no longer oblivious to this circumstance,” acknowledged Putin, the employ of a diplomatic time interval for a defeat so severe that Russian vitality would be diminished on the world stage for decades.

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Lukashenko, a staunch ally of Putin, acknowledged behind on Tuesday his nation had started taking offer of Russian tactical nuclear weapons that incorporated some three times more unparalleled than the atomic bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan in 1945.

The Russian chief launched in March he had agreed to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, pointing to the usdeployment of such weapons in a host of European countries over many decades.


The United States has criticised Putin’s resolution but has acknowledged it has no diagram of altering its have faith stance on strategic nuclear weapons and has no longer considered any signs that Russia is making ready to make employ of a nuclear weapon.

The Russian step is nonetheless being watched closely by Washington and its allies to boot to by China, which has repeatedly cautioned in opposition to the employ of nuclear weapons within the war in Ukraine.

Putin acknowledged the West was doing the entire lot it would possibly perchance perchance perhaps perchance well to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia in Ukraine where Moscow is locked within the finest land war in Europe since World War Two after invading its neighbour closing year in what it called “a special navy operation.”

But Russia had no must resort to nuclear weapons for now, acknowledged Putin, signalling no commerce in Moscow’s nuclear posture which finest envisages this sort of pass if the existence of the Russian sigh is threatened.

“Nuclear weapons had been made to be certain our security within the broadest sense of the note and the existence of the Russian sigh, but we…have not this sort of want (to make employ of them),” Putin acknowledged.

But he acknowledged talks with the West to nick Russia’s sizable nuclear arsenal, the world’s largest, had been a non-starter.

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“Factual talking about this (the doable employ of nuclear weapons) lowers the nuclear threshold. We earn bigger than NATO countries and they desire to nick our numbers. Screw them,” acknowledged Putin.

Sounding defiant as he addressed his nation’s political and enterprise elite, he acknowledged a Ukrainian counteroffensive in opposition to Russian forces in Ukraine had up to now no longer had any major success. Kyiv’s forces had been suffering heavy losses and had “no probability” in opposition to Russia’s navy, he acknowledged.

Ukraine would quickly jog out of its have faith navy equipment, making it fully reliant on hardware equipped by the West, undermining its potential to combat for long, he urged.

Recalling his talked about targets at the starting achieve of the war to “demilitarise” and “denazify” Ukraine, Putin acknowledged:

“As for demilitarisation, quickly Ukraine will stay the employ of its have faith equipment altogether. There would possibly perchance be nothing left. All the pieces on which they combat and the entire lot that they employ is brought in from the exterior. Successfully, you can not combat love that for long.”


Just navy analysts screech Ukraine has outperformed Russia’s a lot increased military in on the discipline of 16 months of war, forcing it into important retreats around the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kherson.

Ukraine’s navy chiefs acknowledged on Friday that advancing Ukrainian troops had been facing “desperate resistance” from Russian forces around the metropolis of Bakhmut, which Russia captured closing month after the longest struggle of the war.

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Ukraine says it has recaptured seven villages and 100 sq. km (38 sq. miles) within the early stages of its counteroffensive.

But Russia’s Defence Ministry acknowledged on Friday its forces had repelled a quantity of attempted counterattacks by the Ukrainian military at various frontline locations within the closing 24 hours, inflicting severe losses on Kyiv’s forces.

Putin acknowledged Western-equipped hardware reminiscent of German-made Leopard tanks was repeatedly destroyed and if Kyiv bought U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets from its allies, they would whisk up in flames too.

“F-16s will moreover be burning, there is never any question. But within the event that they’ll be stationed exterior Ukraine and faded in combat operations we are able to earn to spy at how one can engage and where to engage these resources being faded in combat operations in opposition to us.”

That, he acknowledged, represented “a major probability” of dragging NATO additional into the war.

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