Korean superconductor LK-99 joins memecoin craze

Korean superconductor LK-99 joins memecoin craze

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Closing month, a crew of South Korean scientists claimed to agree with engineered a superconducting field topic, dubbed LK-99, that works beneath ambient temperature and stress. In layman’s phrases, the crew allegedly created a field topic allowing electrical currents to waft without resistance or vitality loss. Previously, such forms of materials were most efficient notion to agree with functioned at absolute zero temperatures.

Nonetheless the sleek supposed breakthrough, which has since been replicated (synthesis-most efficient) by at the least 1 diverse compare crew, is already causing a lunge among the scientific and in all likelihood crypto neighborhood. Within days of its publication, several LK-99 memecoins agree with already been listed on decentralized replace Uniswap. One such coin, the ERC-20 LK-99 token, used to be listed decrease than 24 hours ago and has already surpassed $3 million in total trading volume at the time of publication.

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