How to forestall AI from ‘annihilating humanity’ the consume of blockchain

How one can stop AI from ‘annihilating humanity’ the usage of blockchain

How one can stop AI from ‘annihilating humanity’ the usage of blockchain

When hes not working on hastening humanitys bustle toward the Singularity by increasing an man made total intelligence (AGI), Ben Goertzel performs in a jazz-rock band called Jam Galaxy fronted by a robotic named Desdemona.

Its one amongst his many facet initiatives, which naturally led him to strive to tokenize the track industry by reaching out to members of Pearl Jam and Heart. Goertzel will be working on longevity overview by crowdsourcing human health files with token rewards by approach of an app called That files is then pooled with animal and computer virus eye files and analyzed with an AI to search out out which parts of the genomes can manufacture us stay longer after which stimulated the usage of gene therapies. Weve had some reasonably striking breakthrough-degree discoveries, he says. Oh, and appropriate earlier than our hour-long interview winds up, he casually mentions as an apart that hes also increasing a stablecoin for his decentralized AI market, Singularity.uncover, thats pegged to an man made index of environmental progress because pegging it to U.S. greenbacks might perchance perchance perchance be lame.

Ben Goertzel (left) and Jam Galaxy fronted by Desdemona the Robotic (second left).
<em>Handle your AGI nicely or itll cease in tears. Offer: Terminator 2</em>
<em>A tattered copy of The Prometheus Project. Offer: Web Archive</em>
<em>Journal caught up with Ben Goertzel in Singapore. Offer: Andrew Fenton</em>
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