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This HFT Robot is a Forex EA for Passing Prop Firm Challenges. This EA is designed to navigate and excel within the rigorous evaluations and challenges of proprietary buying and selling companies. This article delves into the functionalities and benefits of this EA, significantly within the context of passing prop agency challenges or evaluations.
  1. Designed for Prop Firm Challenges: The HFT Robot is engineered to fulfill the stringent necessities of prop agency evaluations that permit HFT buying and selling. Its core operation is to cross these challenges or evaluations efficiently.
  2. Efficiency in Achieving Targets: This EA can swiftly meet problem targets inside a notably brief interval. What units it aside is its potential to take care of a low drawdown, an important issue within the high-stakes atmosphere of prop buying and selling.
  3. Advanced HFT Strategy: At the guts of this EA is a particular HFT technique that detects vital market actions. This allows it to capitalize on these actions successfully and effectively.
  4. Robust Risk Management: Including a stop-loss mechanism is a key characteristic designed to safeguard fairness from surprising market shifts. This threat administration device is crucial in preserving the dealer’s capital.
  5. Equity Protector: Another standout characteristic is its built-in fairness protector. This operation routinely halts the EA as soon as the goal is achieved, guaranteeing that income is secured and never left susceptible to market volatility.
  6. Innovative Money Management: The EA boasts a pro-ratio cash administration (PRMM) system. This distinctive characteristic routinely adjusts the lot dimension based mostly on positive factors, facilitating faster problem completion without incurring vital drawdowns. Traders even have the choice of guide entry of lot dimension, providing flexibility in operation.
  7. Market Condition Sensitivity: Recognizing the significance of timing in HFT, the EA operates predominantly throughout energetic market situations. This strategic method improves its effectiveness in passing the Prop Firm Challenge in lower than an hour.
  8. Non-Martingale or Grid System: Distinguishing from different buying and selling programs, the HF T Robot is neither a martingale nor a grid system. It practices a disciplined method by opening one commerce at a time and guaranteeing every commerce is closed earlier than initiating one other.
  9. Trade Management: Distinct from martingale or grid programs, the EA opens one commerce at a time and ensures every commerce is closed earlier than initiating one other. This sequential method, mixed with stop-loss settings for every commerce, underscores its disciplined threat administration.

It’s essential to notice that the HFT Robot is meant solely for use in HFT-allowed prop agency evaluations and challenges. It has not been examined for different buying and selling challenges, funded prop agency accounts, or reside/actual dealer accounts. This specialization underlines its effectiveness in a particular area of interest but additionally factors into its limitations outside that scope.

Achieving the marketed degree of efficiency closely depends on favorable buying and selling situations. You would require a dealer with low spreads and slippage, fast execution instances, and a low-latency Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Please take a look at a demo account first for at least one week. Also, please familiarize yourself with and perceive how this EA works, then solely use it in an actual account.

Recommendations for Passing Prop Firm Challenges

  • It is specifically made to cross-prop agency challenges and evaluations.
  • It design to work on US30 (DJ30, WS30) or GER30 (DE30).
  • It works finest on M1 or M5 TimeFrames.
  • This EA for Passing Prop Firm Challenges ought to work on VPS without interruption and low latency to succeed in secure outcomes.
  • The HFT Robot is meant solely for HFT buying and selling permitting prop agency evaluations and challenges. This EA is examined on these prop companies:
    • Fast Forex Funding
    • Infinity Forex Funds
    • Nova Funding
    • Next Step Funding
    • Quantec Trading Capital
    • Kortana Fx
    • Social Trading Club
    • M Solutions
    • MDP Fundings
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This software is specially designed to pass prop firm challenges with a low drawdown and stop loss. It is compatible with over 14 supported HFT prop firms and can handle unlimited accounts with a one-time purchase fee. Before purchasing, please ask for the list of supported prop firms.

Over 100 set files are available for various account sizes for supported prop firms and broker demos. The software features Pro Ratio Money Management (PRMM) for automatic lot size adjustments and a built-in equity protector to halt trading once the target is achieved.

This software operates autonomously upon setup, detecting market movements and executing optimal trades without constant monitoring. A comprehensive manual with video tutorials on VPS setup, MT4 setup, EA download, Bot Setup, and Bot running is provided, along with discount codes and links upon request. Team Viewer, AnyDesk, or remote desktop access support is also available for beginners/newbies.

The default setting for backtesting is Symbol: US30, Date: Do not tick Use Date, Timeframe: M1, Spread: 100 to 160. If you have any issues backtesting, please contact me via private message, and I will teach you how to import tick data.


This software has been tested to pass the challenges of various prop firms, including Kortana Fx, BlueBerry and Taurex Server (15% to 40% Promo Code: ask me), Sure Leverage (Discount code for $50 to $150 off, ask me), Genesis Forex Funds (20% Discount, Ask me), Infinity Forex Funds (HFT Limited /Algo/HFT, 10% to 20% discount code: P5NET10), Next Step Funding (2-Step Challenge, HFT Limited, 15% to 35% discount), Nova Funding (1 Step, promo code: ask me), Pro Trade Funded (16% to 30% Promo Code: ask me), Fast Forex Funding (1 Phase, 7.5% promo code, ask me), Quantec Trading Capital (One/Two Step Challenge, 10% promo code: P5NET10), Social Trading Club (1 Step/HFT, 10% discount: Ask Me), The Talented Traders (1-Step), Only Funds (HFT, 15% Discount Code: Ask Me), M Solutions, Waka Funding, MDP, and Tradicave (1-phase/HFT).

Please check the reviews of these prop firms on Trustpilot.com and conduct your due diligence before signing up with them.


This software is a high-efficiency HFT algorithm that doesn’t require a VPS. It uses a non-martingale strategy, trading one position at a time with a stop loss for each, ensuring safety and control.


This software is designed exclusively for passing supported HFT prop firm challenges and has not been tested for live/real accounts, other types of challenges, or other not-supported prop firms. Brokers/prop firms add slippage and high spread into their live or funded accounts, making this software unable to profit. We encourage users to research and understand HFT prop firms, their challenges, payout, rules, and local regulations before signing up with prop firms and purchasing this software.

For setfiles, VPS information, and any queries, please reach out via private message. A comprehensive manual, FAQ, and video tutorials are provided upon purchase to ensure a smooth setup and operation.

Conclusion of this HFT Robot

The HFT Robot is a extremely specialised device designed for passing prop agency challenges and evaluations. Its key benefits embrace a sophisticated HFT technique, sturdy threat administration, and revolutionary options like fairness safety and pro-ratio cash administration. However, its effectiveness is determined by optimum buying and selling situations, and its use is particularly restricted to HFT buying and selling allowed prop agency challenges, with its efficiency in different buying and selling eventualities remaining untested.

Recommended Broker
Trade with a Trusted Global Broker  ➤ XM

  • Platform: Metatrader4, Metatrader5, C Trader
  • Trading Time: Around the clock
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Recommended broker: XM

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