Decentralized international exchange will reduce cost by as remarkable as 80%: Fable

Decentralized foreign substitute will slash impress by as great as 80%: Chronicle

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If the foreign substitute market starts the usage of DeFi protocols as a substitute of the present centralized techniques, the associated rate of remittances will be diminished by “as great as 80%,” according to a Jan. 19 paper jointly published by researchers at Circle and Uniswap.

The paper, titled “On-chain Foreign Exchange and Contaminated-border Funds,” was written by Uniswap Data Scientist Austin Adams, Circle Chief Economist Gordon Liao, Mary Catherine Lader, David Puth, and Xin Wan.

<em>Correspondent model of foreign substitute vs. DeFi model. Supply:</em> &ldquo;<em>On-Chain Foreign Exchange and Contaminated-Border Funds&rdquo; by Adams, Ladder, Liao, Puth, and Wan</em>

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