Curve-Vyper exploit: The total memoir to this point

Curve-Vyper exploit: The total memoir to this point

The decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has experienced a animated week after a seismic security incident ended in over $61 million being stolen from Curve Finance’s pools, leaving several protocols facing broader contagion risks.

This assault exposed vulnerabilities at some stage in DeFi initiatives and sparked efforts to enhance stolen funds over the final few days.


The hack: Curve Finance pools are exploited for over $61 million as a result of reentrancy vulnerability

Curve’s Michael Egorov confirmed the theft of 32 million Curve DAO tokens on July 30. Source: Telegram/LobsterDAO

The impression: Vyper vulnerability exposes DeFi ecosystem to stress tests; CRV mark plummets

Curve’s CEO scurries to pay collateralized loans

CEX mark feed prevents Curve mark from collapsing

DeFi neighborhood: Moral hacker retrieves $5.4M for Curve Finance amid exploit

The return of funds: Curve, Metronome and Alchemix providing 10% worm bounty; hacker takes it

Message despatched by the exploiter to the protocols on Aug. 4. Source: Etherscan

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