Curve emergency DAO terminates rewards for hack-linked swimming pools

Curve emergency DAO terminates rewards for hack-related swimming pools

The Curve Finance lending protocol has terminated governance token rewards for make a selection liquidity swimming pools plagued by the July 30 Curve exploit and July 6 Multichain exploit, per an Aug. 2 social media submit from a member of the protocol’s governing body.

The ending of rewards was as soon as utilized by the Curve emergency decentralized self reliant group (Curve E-DAO), a committee made up of make a selection contributors of the Curve DAO governing body. It affected swimming pools for alETH+ETH, msETH-ETH, pETH-ETH, crvCRVETH, Arbitrum Tricrypto and multibtc3CRV, per the announcement. The choice could well maybe additionally be overridden ultimately by a tubby vote of the Curve DAO.

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