Celsius Custody customers sooner or later delivery withdrawals 263 days after freeze

Celsius Custody customers eventually delivery withdrawals 263 days after freeze

Some Celsius customers hold reported being ready to withdraw funds from the bankrupt crypto firm for the first time, some 263 days after the lender iced up withdrawals in the lead-up to its bankruptcy submitting.

Per a lot of social media posts, as of March 2, obvious customers who held funds in Celsius’ Custody accounts had been extremely overjoyed that they were eventually ready to withdraw their funds from the lender.

<em>An email despatched from Celsius to eligible customers on March 2. Supply: </em><em>Twitter</em>
<em>Celsius customers discussing withdrawal processing times on Reddit. Supply: </em><em>Reddit</em>
<em>A Reddit user claimed they were instructed their question could perhaps take days to task. Supply: </em><em>Reddit</em>

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