Advanced Techniques for Utilizing Supertrend Indicator on MT4 for Improved Trading Results

The Supertrend indicator is a well-liked software utilized by merchants to establish traits available in the market. It is a trend-following indicator that may assist merchants spot potential entry and exit factors for their trades. While the fundamental idea of the Supertrend indicator is comparatively easy, there are superior strategies that merchants can use to enhance their buying and selling outcomes. In this text, we’ll discover a few of these superior strategies and the way they are often carried out on the MT4 platform.

Using Multiple Timeframes

One of the superior strategies for using the Supertrend indicator is to make use of a number of timeframes. This includes trying on the indicator on completely different timeframes to get a greater understanding of the general development available in the market. For instance, a dealer would possibly use the Supertrend on the 1-hour, 4-hour, and each day charts to see how the development is creating over completely different time durations. By doing this, the dealer can get a extra complete view of the market and make extra knowledgeable buying and selling selections.

Adding Filters

Another superior approach for utilizing the Supertrend indicator is so as to add filters. Filters can be utilized to assist affirm the alerts generated by the Supertrend and scale back false alerts. For instance, a dealer would possibly use a transferring common or the RSI indicator as a filter to verify the alerts from the Supertrend. By doing this, the dealer can enhance the accuracy of their trades and scale back the chance of getting into trades which are prone to fail.

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Implementing Trailing Stops

Trailing stops are one other superior approach that can be utilized along side the Supertrend indicator. A trailing cease is a stop-loss order that strikes with the worth of the asset, locking in income as the worth strikes within the dealer’s favor. By utilizing a trailing cease, a dealer can let their income run whereas nonetheless defending themselves from massive losses. This will be particularly helpful when buying and selling with the development, because it permits the dealer to seize as a lot revenue as doable whereas nonetheless managing their threat successfully.


In conclusion, the Supertrend indicator is a strong software that can be utilized to enhance buying and selling outcomes on the MT4 platform. By using superior strategies comparable to utilizing a number of timeframes, including filters, and implementing trailing stops, merchants can enhance the accuracy of their trades and maximize their income. It is necessary for merchants to take the time to study and perceive these strategies in an effort to absolutely make the most of the potential of the Supertrend indicator.


1. Can the Supertrend indicator be used on any monetary instrument?

Yes, the Supertrend indicator can be utilized on all kinds of economic devices, together with shares, foreign exchange, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

2. How can I regulate the settings of the Supertrend indicator on MT4?

To regulate the settings of the Supertrend indicator on MT4, right-click on the chart the place the indicator is utilized, choose “Indicators List,” after which double-click on the Supertrend indicator to switch its settings.

3. Are there any limitations to utilizing the Supertrend indicator?

While the Supertrend indicator is a strong software, it will be important for merchants to do not forget that no indicator is ideal. It is at all times necessary to make use of the Supertrend along side different technical evaluation instruments and to apply correct threat administration.

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