5 sneaky tricks crypto phishing scammers veteran final year: SlowMist

5 sneaky tricks crypto phishing scammers primitive final yr: SlowMist

Blockchain security company SlowMist has highlighted five extraordinary phishing systems crypto scammers primitive on victims in 2022, including malicious browser bookmarks, phony gross sales orders and trojan malware unfold on messaging app Discord.

It comes after the protection company recorded a complete of 303 blockchain security incidents within the yr, with 31.6% of those incidents attributable to phishing, rug pull or other scams, primarily based on a Jan. 9 SlowMist blockchain security document.

<em>A pie chart of assault suggestions in 222 in percentages. Offer: SlowMist</em>

Malicious browser bookmarks

‘Zero greenback hang’ NFT phishing

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Worm forex theft

<em>An example of the RedLine Stealer in action. Offer: SlowMist</em>

‘Easy Test’ eth_sign phishing

Similar ending quantity transfer scam

<em>An example of the same quit quantity phishing try. Offer: SlowMist</em>

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